Chocolate packing machine factory for ball,egg,bench,folded,heart,rectangular,top,double twist wrapping


Servo controlled chocolate pouring machine

This machine is an advanced and exclusive equipment for chocolate molding , the whole producing process includes mould heating, conveying and pouring. It is a fully automatic producing equipment, which can produce pure chocolate, double-colored chocolate and crispy rice chocolate, with accurate pouring amount and easy operation.
This fully automatic chocolate servo controlled pouring machine is equipped with international famous brand servo motor and controlled by PLC system. It is a multi-functional chocolate pouring machine with pneumatic components. As the new generation of chocolate food machinery, it is suitable for small and medium-sized food enterprises to produce personalized, diversified chocolate candy. This machine is designed according to the international general standard. It can work individually, and also can be combined with other equipment. Flexibility is the main characteristic for this equipment, which makes it convenient to switch from different products.

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