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Chocolate enrobing and decorator machine

Product introduction: The production line is a dual-purpose device for producing chocolate coating and decorating products. It can apply a variety of chocolate pastes on various food surfaces, such as coating and coating on surfaces such as confectionery cakes and biscuits to form unique chocolate products. .
1. After the equipment is decorated, the product cools the chocolate through the cooling tunnel in the front stage so that the outline of the floral pattern can be seen.
2. The movement of the nozzle pipe is steplessly regulated. Feeding material through the holding tank can finish the different product combinations of dark chocolate and white chocolate or milk chocolate.
3, nozzle heat preservation, easy to replace; through thimble automatic cleaning and dredge.

产品介绍:该生产线是生产巧克力涂层和裱花产品的两用设备,能在多种食品表面涂拉各种巧克力浆,如在糖果糕点饼干等表面进行涂层拉花, 形成独特的巧克力制品。
1、    设备进行裱花后,产品通过前段冷却隧道使巧克力冷却定型,以便裱花花纹轮廓能够显现出来
2、    喷嘴管的运动无级调动,通过保温缸对啧嘴进行供料,可完成黑巧克力与白巧克力或者牛奶巧克力的不同产品组合。
买篮球彩票的app 3、    喷嘴保温,容易更换;通过顶针自动清洁疏通。

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