Chocolate packing machine factory for ball,egg,bench,folded,heart,rectangular,top,double twist wrapping


Automatic chocolate+biscuit molding Machine

automatic chocolate+biscuit molding machine

The chocolate depositing forming machine is for chocolate deposit forming. The whole process is fully automatic including mold heater depositing, mold plate vibrating, Automatic insertion biscuit device cooling, beat device,discharging conveyor of products and plate heating.

you can choose one head semi-automatic, one head, two heads or three heads molding line for different products. the line is suitable forpure chocolate, center filled chocolate two colors chocolate, four colors chocolate, amber or agate chocolate.

the line have a special function .automatic biscuit device can add biscuit to the mold ,so the machine can make chocolate with biscuitproducts.

Model\Project J250 J350 J450 J510
Capacity ton/class 0.51.5  0.8-2.5 0.8 2.5  0.8-2.5
Total power including freezer 9 21 23 28
Refrigeration quantity kcal/hour Don’ t have 21800 21800 21800
Mould plate size mm 275x175x30 280 x 200 x 30 280 x 200 x 30 510x200x30
Mould plate quantity(m) 270 270 380 420
Weight kg 1000 4800 5800 6200
Outside dimensions mm 3600x725x1560 17010x1010x1330 17060x1005x1870 18600x1200x2400


1 五 轴 联 动 远 程 监 控
2 机 头 快 装 快 拆, 清 洗 方 便
3 机 头 互 换,产 品 多 样 化
4 模 块 拼 装,可 升 级 可 加 装 机 构
5 机 头 连 动,保 证 产 品 最 佳 品 质

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